A Safety Supplier You Can Trust.

100% locally owned and operated, we have been feeding Kiwis safety gear for well over a decade. We know the ins and outs of the industry and what goes into making a good and comfortable product to wear. Our range is certified to AS/NZS Standards to give you peace of mind that we're not just another cowboy outfit. "It's always better to look at it, than for it" has always been our motto, but has come into it's own over the last few years. Our warehouse is filled to the brim to ensure a steady supply chain and we're starting to fill the shelves of retail stores across the country. Keep an eye out for Wise Trade Safety products coming to a town near you. 

It's Time to Wise Up!

If you're ever doing a job and think to yourself 'I should probably wear some PPE', you should DEFINITELY be wearing PPE! Gone are the days where squinting passes as safety glasses or fingers in the ears provide long term hearing protection, nope, it's time to lose the 'she'll be right' attitude because more often than not, she won't in fact be 'right'. Noone wants a visit in the hospital from captain hindsight saying what you should've done, we can tell you what you should've done, ya should've wised up! Wear your PPE ya filthy animals!




AS/NZS Compliance

Our range of PPE products carry the relevant AS/NZS ratings. Always look for these markings when purchasing PPE as it is a good indication whether or not you are getting adequate protection.

Click here to learn more about the Australian and New Zealand ratings for each category.


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