Hearing Protection Standard AS/NZS 1270:2002

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Wise Trade Safety hearing products hold Australian/New Zealand standards. Codes of practice and requirements for use of safety products and other safety information can be obtained from www.worksafe.govt.nz. Below is a chart which highlights the decibel rating for each class of earmuff and the safe noise level based on an 8 hour work day.


The Importance on Hearing Protection

Noise damaged hearing cannot be repaired, only prevented! Excessive noise can cause permanent loss of hearing.  There is NO medical treatment for noise induced hearing loss.  Exposure to excessive noise is a leading cause of hearing loss.  Most of this exposure takes place in the workplace, however, recreation and leisure activities such as shooting also causes hearing loss.  Many appliances and tools we use in the workplace or home produce high noise levels.  Mowers, chainsaws, portable hand saws, power tools and vacuum cleaners are just a few examples.


How Will I Know if my Hearing is Affected?

Unfortunately the effects of noise induced hearing loss develops slowly and painlessly.  The loss won’t be apparent until quite a lot of hearing has gone.  It’s not like other physical damage because there is no pain to warn you.  The loss will become more apparent the older you get.


Choosing the right Earmuff

he task of hearing protectors is to damper the noise without affecting hearing. It is imperative that you can hear, for example alarms and warning sounds in the working environment. Also, the ability to communicate with colleagues must be ensured. Make sure that your hearing protector is appropriately tested.  The hearing protector should feel comfortable as it must be worn for the whole duration of noise exposure!  The hearing protector is to be used before exposure to noise.
Like all equipment, hearing protectors are subjected to wear and tear during their use. Make sure to inspect and service them regularly! Replace damaged and sweaty sealing cushions with a new hygiene kit.


Noise Levels of Everyday Sounds





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