Win with Wise Trade Safety

Are you a tradie/farmer and have an absolute gem of a video on your phone that you've shown to pretty much everyone?! We think having such a gem should be rewarded! We are looking to gather videos/photos of work fails, wins, pranks, awesome bits of skill or moving stories involving legends. If you think it'll make other laugh, cry or think twice about their own safety.

It could be the apprentice going in to buy a left handed screwdriver, the new farm hand grabbing the electric fence or one of the boys rocking up to site late for the 5th day in a row. 

Whatever it is, we'd love to see it.... And if it cuts the mustard, as a reward, we'll shout you $50 worth of product on our website!

Please note: we do not condone anyone creating new content for this contest. All submissions are to have already occurred in the past.







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